Angela Golden - aftermarketNews

2020 Honoree

Angela Golden

Marketing Manager
Trico Products

Angela Golden recognizes the value in the closely tied network of legacy and new professionals that is the automotive aftermarket. “It’s like a small community which has allowed me to network with other peers in the industry.”

Golden says her regular participation in several industry committees and events has allowed her to network with other peers in the industry. “My reputation is my most important asset – the brand of Angela,” she says. “I have much work to continue to build the brand of me, but I am happy with the decisions and growth so far. I am proud to give back to the industry that has supported me.”

Golden believes that excellence in the industry comes from not just doing your job, but doing it better than anyone else. “Try to not be preoccupied with some of the ‘me too’ or ‘victimization’ undercurrents today. Focus on your work, your craft and gaining knowledge. The tenants of professional success are gender-agnostic: Learn, be humble and hungry, take pride in your work, be respectfully assertive, be passionate and professional, and always be kind. Stay focused on the business versus social rhetoric and you will do well.”

Trade associations and business professionals offer significant opportunities to everyone in the industry, she says. “Every individual – man or woman – should take a self-empowering approach in their careers. Get involved and take advantage of everything this great industry offers.”