WATCH: This Week’s Movers And Shakers

WATCH: This Week’s Movers And Shakers

Let’s take a look at some of the key executive appointments taking place around the aftermarket in the past week.

Thanks for checking out this week’s AMN News Minute. Let’s take a look at some of the key executive appointments taking place around the aftermarket in the past week.

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Jim Franco on Being an Effective Leader

Comparing past leadership styles, Franco remarks that leadership has shifted from a command-and-control approach to one of servitude.

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Jim Franco emphasizes the fundamental principle of listening more than speaking. "The Lord gave us two ears and one mouth," he notes. This approach not only fosters understanding but also builds trust within a team.

He asserts that a good leader must be someone people are willing to follow, which hinges on displaying gratitude, politeness, and thankfulness. "Culture starts at the top," Franco explains, highlighting that a leader’s behavior sets the tone for the entire organization. He encourages leaders to regularly self-reflect and strive to treat others as they would like to be treated.

Randy Breaux, Group President, GPC North America, Talks to AMN Drivetime

At NAPA, “Breaux Knows” business relationships, ABCs to avoid, and serving the automotive professional.

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AAPEX: Empowering the Automotive Aftermarket Through Collaboration

Distributors, manufacturers, training institutions, associations and service providers all help automotive professionals stay ahead in a market that is constantly evolving with new technologies, trends and customer demands.

Thoughts on Autonomous Commercial Vehicles

Everyone has an opinion on the viability of autonomous vehicles and their ultimate impact on the transportation aftermarket.

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AAPEX: Navigating the Automotive Aftermarket’s Digital Evolution

The shift toward digital platforms has reshaped how businesses operate, from inventory management to customer interactions.

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Mike Mohler: Being an Aftermarket Catalyst

For Mohler, it all began in Monroe, Louisiana, where he worked for his father, Ray.

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AAPEX: What the Future Holds for the Automotive Aftermarket

Recapping the 2023 AAPEX Show, 130 countries were represented and more than 500,000 square feet of expo space was available for attendee exploration. There were more than 100 training opportunities offered, as well as 2,500 exhibiting manufacturers.

Keynote speaker announced for AAPEX 2024
The Future of Aftermarket Distribution

Despite the ongoing consolidation, Cruickshank believes there is still a viable future for independent distributors.

Shifting Gears: Lauren Beaulieu’s Rise in the Automotive Aftermarket

Beaulieu recently participated in the Advance/Worldpac STX Supplier Training Expo, where she addressed a topic close to her heart: education in the aftermarket.

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