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UTI Foundation Awards the First Brienne Davis Memorial Scholarship

NASCAR official’s legacy opens door for young woman seeking career in automotive technology and NASCAR.


PHOENIX — The Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Foundation this week selected Kenna Primm of Greenwood, Ark., as the first recipient of the Brienne Davis Memorial Scholarship. Named in honor of the UTI graduate and NASCAR Sprint Cup official who died tragically in April of this year, the $10,000 scholarship will fund a portion of Primm’s technical education at UTI’s NASCAR Technical Institute, NASCAR Tech, in Mooresville, N.C.

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This month, Primm will graduate from the University of Arkansas with a degree in marketing and begin a 10-week internship at Daytona International Speedway in January. She will start at NASCAR Tech on April 20. Upon completion of her technician training, she plans to combine both her marketing and technician degrees and pursue a career in the motorsports industry.

"My father introduced me to NASCAR racing when I was little, and since then I’ve always wanted to be a part of the industry,” said Primm. “I think it’s important to be knowledgeable about both NASCAR’s business and technical aspects. Brienne Davis applied her skills and dedication to graduate at the top of her class at UTI and continued her success as part of NASCAR. I want to follow in her footsteps and encourage more females to work in NASCAR, just as she did."


"Brienne’s accomplishments with NASCAR’s Sprint Cup events are an inspiration for all," said Veronica Meury, vice president and executive director of the UTI Foundation. "This scholarship, also supported by NASCAR, The NASCAR Foundation, NASCAR’s family of officials, drivers and fans in memory of Brienne Davis, will help young women like Kenna Primm pursue their dream careers in the automotive and NASCAR industries."

"This scholarship was created to provide opportunities for women who have dedicated themselves to pursue careers in the automotive industry and NASCAR," said Odis Lloyd, managing director, NASCAR automotive aftermarket. "Kenna Primm represents that dedication to her goals and hunger to develop the skills necessary to succeed and she is a wonderful selection as the first recipient of the Brienne Davis Scholarship."


The UTI Foundation supports education excellence and the considerable need for qualified technicians. The $10,000 Brienne Davis scholarship is awarded annually to one qualified female student who wishes to enroll in the NASCAR Technical Automotive Program. Additional information is available on the UTI Foundation website at