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US Motor Works Announces Extensive Coverage For Cummins

The products are designed, assembled and tested at the company’s ISO9001:2015 certified facility in California.



US Motor Works LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of cooling systems and fuel systems to the automotive, performance and heavy-duty industries, announced that it now offers extensive coverage for all Cummins: L10 / M11 / ISM / QSM applications. 

Below are just some of the products now in stock and ready to order. USMW Heavy Duty products are designed, assembled and tested at the company’s ISO9001:2015 certified facility in Santa Fe Springs, California.

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Water Pump
Part No. US309
Application:   M11 & L10 Short shaft with weep chamber
OEM Ref: 4955707
Water Pump
Part No. US2202
Application:    LTA10 SERIES (BEFORE 1991, 4 HOLE MOUNT
OEM Ref: 3803402
Water Pump
Part No. US2203
Application:     M11 & L10 E SERIES (1991 AND LATER 3 HOLE MOUNT)      
OEM Ref: 3803403
Water Pump
Part No. US2204
Application:    M11 & L10 SHORT SHAFT
OEM Ref: 3800745
Water Pump
Part No. US5708
Application:    ISM Water Pump
OEM Ref: 4955708
Water Pump
Part No.  US5709
Application:    ISM / QSM Water Pump                                                                
OEM Ref: 4955709
Part No.  US2602
Application:  Idler Assembly                                                                        
OEM Ref: 3062602
Part No.  USOP3950
Application:   Lube Oil Pump                                                                       
OEM Ref: 4003950
Front Gear Cover 6 Hole
Part No.  USGK3573
Application:   Front Gear Cover 6 hole                                                     
OEM Ref: 3803573
Front Gear Cover 5 Hole
Part No.  USGK3894
Application:   Front Gear Cover 5 hole                                                     
OEM Ref: 3803894



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