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Universal Lubricants and Oil Can Henry’s Launch Recycled Motor Oil Education Partnership

Joint campaign teaches drivers about the environmental and economic benefits of using ECO ULTRA motor oil.


WICHITA, Kan. And TUALATIN, Ore. — Universal Lubricants and Oil Can Henry’s have announced a campaign designed to increase awareness about economic and environmental benefits that stem from proper motor vehicle maintenance using ECO ULTRA motor oil. Produced domestically at Universal Lubricants’ state-of-the-art re-refinery, ECO ULTRA is a line of eco-friendly motor oil options that preserve finite natural resources and reduce the need to import foreign oil, all while guaranteeing optimal engine performance, according to Universal.


Oil Can Henry’s operates 88 service centers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon and Washington is known for involving customers in the service process and educating them about their vehicles.

"Our customers remain in their vehicles, where they can watch and listen as our trained technicians perform the services they request," said John Shepanek, chairman of Oil Can Henry’s. "We also help them understand their vehicles’ maintenance needs by explaining the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended service schedules and how preventive maintenance services can help their vehicles run better and last longer."

Oil Can Henry’s says it is committed to reducing impact on the environment by recycling used oil, antifreeze and other items from customers’ services.


"By offering ECO ULTRA, we’re helping our customers attend to the needs of their vehicles and the needs of the planet," Shepanek said.

The U.S. produces approximately 1.3 billion gallons of used oil each year, but only 10 percent of it is re-refined, according to Universal Lubricants. The majority of used oil is either improperly disposed of (damaging the environment) or burned as an industrial fuel and gone forever. Dedicated to reversing this unnecessary waste, Universal Lubricants points out that its ECO ULTRA recycled products, when used for an average four-quart motor oil change, reduces the national need to import two barrels of imported oil, every time. Additionally, by being part of Universal Lubricants proprietary closed-loop process in which it collects, re-refines, blends and distributes its own motor oil, ECO ULTRA products safeguard our nation’s waterways, as it only takes the used oil from one engine change to contaminate one million gallons of fresh water.


"Oil Can Henry’s educates its customers, who in turn make educated choices for themselves. Understanding the numerous benefits of premium re-refined motor oil, we’re seeing thousands deliberately choosing to be active stewards of the environment and to promote America’s shift towards greater energy security by asking for ECO ULTRA by name," said John Wesley, CEO of Universal Lubricants. "So when it comes to something as simple and routine as an automotive tune-up, know that you too can take a stand against avoidable pollution and foreign oil dependence. You too can ask for ECO ULTRA."



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