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TRW Announces Its Latest Range Extension

The latest extension added an additional 185 SKUs (181 chassis and four braking). The total number of new SKUs introduced in 2017 to date is 495.


ZF Aftermarket’s latest range extension for its TRW-branded ‘Corner Module’ offer of braking, steering and suspension components features SKUs for the newest models of some of the most popular vehicle manufacturers across North America, including Ford, Honda, GMC and Jeep.


The latest extension added an additional 185 SKUs (181 chassis and 4 braking), covering an extensive list of makes and applications. The total number of new SKUs introduced in 2017 to date is 495.

Chassis parts include: stabilizer link for Honda CR-Z (2011-’15) and tie rod ends for Ford F450 Super Duty (2011-’15) and F250 Super Duty (2015). It also offers braking parts for: Audi A4 (2017) and Hyundai Tucson (2016).

Brian Rassin, product group manager, ZF Aftermarket, NA, said, “It’s our belief that no shop should ever have to turn away business due to not having the latest parts in stock. We therefore make it our business to help keep our customers businesses growing and successful by introducing new aftermarket parts as soon as they are available – meaning our aftermarket customers continue to benefit from our strong OE position and high-performance products.”


The TRW offer on corner module parts continues to grow in popularity across the North American market, according to the company. These parts are designed and developed to work in harmony within the systems situated in the corner of the vehicle, which then transfer the power safely and evenly to the road.

“By directly transferring all our OE knowledge and expertise into our aftermarket offer to produce parts of exceptional quality and to exacting standards, the TRW name continues to thrive across our chosen markets,” said Rassin. “The quality of product and caliber of engineering know-how that sits behind TRW’s offer, together with the detailed attention the business takes to its marketing and technical support, makes the brand a perfect aftermarket partner; always able to offer customers what they need, when they need it.”


All TRW-branded parts are tested to the extreme, conforming with or exceeding international standards. The programs are accompanied by the highest levels of marketing and technical support and come complete with full fitting instructions and where necessary, new hardware offering the most efficient and safest fit.

Further product information can be found at trwaftermarket.com.



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