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Torqata to Host ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ Hackathon

The sharpest data science and engineering minds will be organized into 20 teams and challenged to drive sustainability by optimizing pick-up logistics for recycled tire feedstock.


Torqata, in partnership with sponsors American Tire Distributors (ATD), Google Cloud, and Continental, will host the ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ Hackathon 2.0 on Nov. 11, 2022, at ATD’s headquarters in Huntersville, NC. The 24-hour competition invites college students and professionals specializing in data science at all experience levels to develop sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental impact of the tire and automotive aftermarket industry.


The inaugural ‘Reinvent the Wheel’ Hackathon, held in 2019, attracted 85 participants across 17 teams. This year’s hackathon returns bigger and better after postponements due to the pandemic – with cash prizes, a newly redesigned venue at ATD Headquarters, and plenty of perks on-site, Torqata says.

During the event, the sharpest data science and engineering minds will be organized into 20 teams and challenged to drive sustainability in the automotive aftermarket by optimizing pick-up logistics for recycled tire feedstock.

To compete in the Hackathon, potential participants must apply as a team or individually on the event website by October 1, 2022. Selected applicants and teams will be notified by October 7. While all applications are welcome, the challenge requires skills in coding (R/Python), data visualization, data science, and some basic programming knowledge. After 24 hours of coding, mini-challenges, and giveaways, each team will pitch their solution to a panel of judges. The top three teams will be selected, followed by an awards presentation for the winners with local Charlotte businesses, industry leaders and media in attendance.


“During the first hackathon, we were blown away by the immense talent from even the youngest participants,” said Tim Eisenmann, chief executive officer of Torqata. “As we looked to make this year’s event even better, we knew we needed a sustainability-focused challenge for the teams to solve. Climate change is an undeniable reality, and these data scientists are in a unique position to help solve perhaps one of the biggest problems our industry faces.”

“ATD is proud to continue supporting the Reinvent the Wheel hackathon,” said Stuart Schuette, president and chief executive officer of ATD. “Data science is an important area of our business in which we continue to invest heavily. As we look to the future, our industry relies on attracting the best and brightest talent in this space. This event provides an incredible opportunity for students and professionals to network, make connections, and work together to solve real problems.”


Torqata is seeking applications from teams and individuals who want to be added to teams through Saturday, Oct. 1. Participants can apply at



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