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Tirehub Establishes New Employee Emergency Fund

The Peter and Katy fund: Hubbers helping hubbers to aid TireHub employees experiencing unforeseen hardship.


TireHub, the national tire distributor cofounded by Bridgestone Americas Inc. and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, has launched the Peter and Katy Fund: Hubbers Helping Hubbers to provide employees with an opportunity to help one another through life’s many challenges.


The Fund, named after former TireHub CEO Peter Gibbons and his wife Katy, was created as a tribute to Gibbons’ strong belief that people taking care of each other is a foundational element to the company’s culture. The Fund helps TireHub employees, known as Hubbers, in need of immediate financial assistance due to unforeseen disaster or personal hardship.

“Our people are the spirit and heart of our company, and we do our best to support and invest in them however we can.” said Chris Smith, TireHub vice president of human resources. “Life, especially in recent years, can be full of struggles, and it is an honor to be a part of a company where employees are passionate about supporting one another in times of need. Across all 74 TireHub Logistics Centers (TLCs), Hubbers are quick to step up and willingly volunteer anything in the name of caring for each other. Creating the Peter and Katy Fund provides them with the opportunity to help fellow Hubbers while recognizing the culture Peter was instrumental in creating.”


The Fund provides tax-free grants of up to $5,000 to eligible TireHub employees impacted by unexpected disaster or personal hardship. Grant funding is reliant on support from Hubbers and individual donations. Donations of any amount can be made at

www.hubbershelpinghubbers.org or by texting HUBBERS to 71777.