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TIFS Enrolls in DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower Program

The program will enable TI Fluid Systems to purchase 100% renewable electricity for use in all its facilities that are supplied by DTE.


TI Fluid Systems (TIFS), a global supplier of automotive fluid systems technology, has announced its enrollment in DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower Program.

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The MIGreenPower initiative is one of the largest voluntary renewable energy programs in the United States. It enables customers of DTE Energy to attribute a greater percentage of their electricity usage to DTE’s wind and solar projects in Michigan, contributing towards a cleaner future for all.

As part of its wider strategy to reduce its global carbon footprint by investing in green energy and other sustainable solutions, TI Fluid Systems has committed to purchasing 100% renewable power for three manufacturing locations, two test centers, and its corporate offices. Its contract with DTE will begin in January 2024, with approximately 19% of its electricity use in North America being attributed to DTE’s renewable energy projects.


Over the course of a year, TI Fluid Systems will use an estimated 22 million kWh of renewable energy under the MIGreenPower initiative. This will have a significant impact on the company’s greenhouse gas emissions – reducing its annual CO2(e) emission by 15,600 metric tonnes, which is equivalent to eliminating more than 7.8 million kg (17.2 million pounds) of burned coal.

TI joins an impressive roster of more than 44,000 residential and 450 business subscribers to MIGreenPower, including prominent automotive players such as Ford Motor Company and General Motors. Since the program’s launch in 2017, MIGreenPower subscribers have supported the transition to clean energy and improving the environment.


Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO of TI Fluid Systems, said, “In addition to the many improvements TI Fluid Systems is making through the lightweight and energy efficient product lines we supply to our automotive customers, we have made a firm commitment to decarbonizing our manufacturing and support business, reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and investing in green energy.

“Working with a renewable energy pioneer like DTE Energy, we can make significant strides towards our goals in North America, while also supporting community projects in Michigan. I look forward to seeing the positive benefits our enrollment will have in the coming years with all of TI Fluid Systems’ facilities in Michigan powered 100% by green energy.”


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