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The Pulse: How Technicians Source Brake Pads

Each week, The Pulse provides insight into the buying, sourcing and brand-loyalty habits of counter professionals and professional technicians. This week, we look at technicians' sourcing habits for Brake Pads.

As a critical safety component, brake pads are one part in particular that technicians want to feel confident when installing. In fact, 76 percent of technicians surveyed by Babcox Research said they only use a brake pad brand they trust. When ordering brake pads, 66 percent rely on their local jobber, followed by WD direct at 11 percent.


These and other statistics can be found in the Professional Automotive Repair Technician Survey (P.A.R.T.S.), produced annually by Counterman magazine. Eight years ago, Counterman began surveying repair shops annually to determine when, how and why they source specific automotive parts and products. The resulting data, published every Fall, offers perspective on how sourcing and brand-loyalty trends have changed.

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