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The Herman Trend Alert: The Humanity Factor

As companies embrace technology, it’s fundamental to remember the human beings who will be interfacing with it.


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It doesn’t surprise me at all to see the widespread interest in a field called “EX.” EX speaks to the Employee eXperience. Companies are waking up to the imperative of considering the experience delivered to employees along with advancing technology. In a recent article in Human Resource Executive, the writers interviewed Jason Averbrook, industry analyst and co-founder of Leapgen, who talked about the work that he does in “the humanity of technology.”


A Positive EX is Vital to Acceptance
I am thrilled to see that companies are finally waking up to the critical role that this factor plays in the acceptance and implementation of HR-related tech solutions and of course, the employee experience. (This area is one of the major drivers in my writing my soon-to-be-released book, “Experience Rules: How Positive Experiences Will Drive Profit Into The Future.”)

Technology Cannot Do It Alone
Until we have machines that can program themselves and robots that can do the physical work  – and make no mistake, that is coming – we will still need human beings. Humans are needed to program, to fix and to interact with the technology.


Tools Need to Be Designed for Everyone, Not Just HR
According to Averbrook, in the past, technology to be used by the entire workforce was sadly designed by HR for HR. The obvious emphasis should be on creating HR tools for everyone.

The Pandemic Made Meeting Expectations More Difficult
When COVID-19 arrived and many of us began working from home; the comparison of technologies available to connect us from home versus those in the office was significant. The situation raised employees’ expectations.

EX is Much More than Just Employee-Centered Technology
Of course, there are many factors that have an impact on EX, especially around culture, communication and relationships between leaders and their direct reports. (I define leaders to include supervisors and middle managers, as well as executives.)


Final Thoughts on EX
As companies embrace technology, it is fundamental to remember that it is human beings who will be interfacing with that new software and hardware. Keeping in mind what we know about neuroscience and engagement will help a lot when it comes to integrating new technologies into our current systems. (“Experience Rules,” the new book, has two chapters on Neuroscience and engagement.)

Next Week’s Herman Trend Alert: Back to Workplace Solutions
As we return to our congregate workplaces, we will need some creative solutions for what works to keep employees feeling safe and engaged. This Herman Trend Alert addresses those solutions.


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