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Tenneco’s Monroe Brand Launches New Consumer Ad Campaign

Billboards, radio, in-stadium banners and web advertising remind motorists to replace worn ride control units.


MONROE, Mich. – Tenneco has launched a comprehensive consumer advertising campaign that aims to remind vehicle owners to replace worn ride control components in time for the summer driving season – and when they do, to choose Monroe shocks and struts.
The new campaign – which includes roadside billboards in hundreds of North American markets, behind-the-plate banners at major league baseball stadiums, an extensive web advertising program and coast-to-coast radio coverage – is designed to reinforce the automotive service industry’s 50,000-mile ride control replacement recommendation. Each ad features the Monroe brand’s iconic “Squirrel” character, which urges consumers to help their vehicles “Stop Sooner” by replacing worn shocks and struts.
“We’re communicating an important and compelling safety message to millions of consumers and directing them to the website and their local Monroe service providers for more information,” said Monroe Brand Manager Carri Irby. “Whether they’re behind the wheel, watching a major league game on TV or at the stadium, or browsing the web, these potential new customers are connecting with the Monroe brand.”
The Monroe billboards debuted in May and will continue through August in most locations, with high-traffic placements in 39 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and six Canadian provinces. Included are several oversize “extension” billboards that provide additional visual impact for consumers.
Radio ads are being broadcast through Premiere Networks and ESPN in conjunction with such leading on-air personalities as Jim Rome, Dan Patrick, Doug Gottlieb, Tony Bruno and Rush Limbaugh. Additional ad flights will support several high-profile sporting events throughout the balance of the year.
Monroe also has established a significant web presence through banner and paid search advertising designed to reach safety conscious vehicle owners.
“These programs are carefully integrated to reach customers when and where they are most likely to think about vehicle maintenance,” Irby said. “Our research shows that this approach has been extremely successful; customers tell us they see Monroe ‘everywhere,’ which is great news for our brand and the service providers who recommend and install Monroe products.”




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