TEMOT Strengthens Transnational Cooperation in European Aftermarket

TEMOT Strengthens Cooperation in European Aftermarket

IAPONIKI SA in Greece joins forces with Danish and German businesses in the TEMOT Purchasing Community.

TEMOT International has announced the reinforcement of the TEMOT Purchasing Community (TPC) with a new member, the company IAPONIKI from Greece. 

Fotios Katsardis, CEO and president of TEMOT, explained, “The TEMOT Purchase Community was conceived as a rejoinder to the precipitate market consolidating developments, triggered by the big multinational players and the de facto formed competitive disequilibrium. TPC has as a prime objective to reinforce sustainably the competitiveness of its members, mainly private-owned small medium enterprises by enhancing their cooperation, achieving efficiencies, and creating synergies between themselves in the outmost committing and conjoining way. It targets the optimization of the supply chain and procurement activities between TEMOT major suppliers and the participating member shareholders. We are extremely happy to have won now, after SELECT AG from Germany and CAC from Denmark, also Iaponiki, the undisputed leader of the Greek aftermarket. IAPONIKI adheres fully to the project, to coordinate, among the rest, joint purchasing with the other two shareholders and strengthen the overall cohesion and market position.” 

Thomas Jensen, managing director at CAC, added, “After the first period of the introduction of the concept, we now know that it is beneficial for the suppliers and our organizations. We have now gained valuable experience and are able to expand it further, exactly as it was once conceived. With the addition of IAPONIKI, we go this further mile, to expand our cooperation strength even more intensively, in order to assert ourselves in international competition against the global players in the industry.” 

Stephan Westbrock, CEO of SELECT AG, is also optimistic. “SELECT AG has gained tremendous experience, practicing real national cooperation work very successfully over the last 20 years,” he said. “The first stage of the concept implementation has been very important and produced positive results for all Stakeholders. I have no doubt whatsoever, that this further cooperation, after CAC, with IAPONIKI will also succeed internationally.”  

Nikos Magopoulos, owner and managing director of IAPONIKI in Greece, added, “Integrating the company to the community is a major step forward for IAPONIKI. All these years, we have been investing relentlessly into the market with great results. Being always a very active and compliant TEMOT Shareholder, we now make a further decisive move towards committing cooperation together with our peer colleagues, to ameliorate our overall market product and services offer and reinforce our competitiveness.”   

The TPC concept has been already embraced by several leading suppliers; the targets have been achieved and the results are very encouraging, according to TEMOT. It has become an integral part of the range of services of TEMOT International and it will be further deployed both in depth and in width.  

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