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Technavio Lists Top 5 Vendors Of The Global Electric Vehicle ECU Market

The market research report also lists 11 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.


Technavio has announced the top five leading vendors in its recent global electric vehicle ECU market report from 2017-2021. The market research report also lists 11 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.


Competitive vendor landscape

The electric vehicle (EV) ECU market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 46 percent by 2021, owing to the rising number of favorable policies by governments around the globe. Based on the specifications of the EV, ECU manufacturers develop and produce ECUs. Prices of ECUs are expected to reduce due to economies of scale with the rise in demand for EVs. This will intensify the competition among existing players in the market, says the research firm.

According to Neelam Barua, a lead analyst at Technavio for automotive electronics, “There are immense possibilities for growth in this market. Automotive ECU manufacturers can diversify into EV ECU manufacturing to cater to the potential increase in demand for EVs during the forecast period, which will help the market to grow further.”


Technavio market research analysts identify the following as key vendors:


DENSO supplies advanced automotive technology, systems and components to major players in the automotive industry. The company operates in the automotive and other business segments. The automotive segment offers a wide variety of automotive products and technologies, such as powertrain control systems, thermal systems, electronic systems, information and safety systems, and small motors. It also offers factory automation products and automatic identification products.


Delphi is a global automotive parts manufacturing and technology company that provides a wide portfolio of products and solutions that help to make vehicles safe, eco-friendly and cost-effective. The company provides battery management controllers that are highly accurate and reliable across multiple EV architectures.



Continental is one of the leading automotive suppliers, with a presence across maximum geographic regions. The company offers products and services for automotive and rubber industries. It manufactures soft rubber products, tires, automotive safety systems, interior electronics and many components for the automotive segment. Continental Automotive offers a broad range of ADAS products that enable safe driving. In addition, the company also provides various electromobility components, such as battery control units (BCUs), electric machines, EV control modules, DC/DC converters and 48V starter generators.


Pektron is the electronic design, development, and manufacturing partner for some of the world’s leading brands. The company is one of the largest privately-owned electronics manufacturers in the world. It has its presence in almost all the major countries throughout the world. The company operates in the automotive, safety, agriculture, HVAC, construction, and EVs segments.


Hitachi Automotive

Hitachi Automotive is a division of the Hitachi group, which works with Hitachi Vehicle Energy for managing the production and development of automobile systems. These automobile systems include Li-ion batteries for EVs, navigation and infotainment systems, EMSs, electric powertrain for EVs, drive control systems and car information systems. It also provides electric powertrain solutions, especially electric motor, power inverter, and Li-ion battery, for automotive EVs, fuel cell vehicles, railcars and electric trains.

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