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The 4-Day Work Week: Not A Pipe Dream Anymore

When Microsoft employees got Fridays off, their work time was reduced by 20% and their productivity increased by 40%.

The Herman Trend Alert: Advancing Technology And The Future Of Work

Not only are these technological advances driving some of the global economy’s fastest-growing industries, but they also will play important roles in the economy and labor market of the future.

The Herman Trend Alert: Workspace Evolution

The upside of open floor plans and cubicle forests was that organizations could fit more people into less space. However, we now know that rather than encouraging productivity and engagement, those layouts fostered boredom and malaise.

The Herman Trend Alert: The Payoff From Emotional Connections

Successful brands associate usage of their product or service with their customers’ and prospects’ aspirational feelings. When companies connect with customers’ emotions, the payoff can be huge, including significant increases in business.