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TrakMotive Expands New Window Regulator Coverage To More Than 2,400 SKUs

This expansion provides coverage for both domestic and import applications.

Window Regulator Manufacturer Announces OEM Testing Validation Process

HANSUN’S OEM Testing Validation Process is a method for ensuring optimal quality window regulators. The process consists of testing multiple elements.

HANSUN Increases Window Regulator Coverage

HANSUN now carries more than 2,000 SKUs of window regulators that cover millions of automobiles throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Aftermarket Window Regulator Manufacturer Releases ‘How To’ Video

The instructional video from HANSUN provides mechanics and DIYers with step-by-step instructions for installing a window regulator.

WAI Introduces Window Regulator Solution For North American And European Markets

The WAI window regulator range offers more than 5,000 SKUs for both North American and European markets, providing full-line coverage.