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Ford, Bosch Use Virtual Reality To Train Techs

Virtual reality training has the potential to attract new hires to the automotive repair world, the two companies said.

Gates Corp. To Unveil Virtual Reality Training At AAPEX

Booth visitors will have the opportunity to witness the system without having to leave their seat.

Guest Commentary: Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences With Technology

Virtual Reality can give consumers the opportunity to experience products and services in life-like interactions and demonstrations. With VR, marketers can offer their customers a chance to feel like they already own the product or have purchased the service.

The Herman Trend Alert: Using VR To Recruit The Right Talent

How cool would it be to be able to experience a job in VR before taking it? Deutsche Bahn, a mobility and logistics provider based in Berlin, has begun to do just that.

Engineer Using Virtual Reality In Technical Training Featured In Latest ‘What Makes A Honda Is Who Makes A Honda’ Video

Through a “virtual” world that Melissa Vance has created, maintenance and equipment service technicians can practice their welding techniques before entering the weld booth, allowing them to hone their skills without the expense of using real materials.

Guest Commentary: AV Scenarios – A Game For All People In The Auto Aftermarket

Following up on his Jan. 30 editorial on Augmented and Virtual Reality, Schwartz Advisors Managing Partner Derek Kaufman outlines in this guest commentary a few very plausible scenarios for implementing AV in the automotive world here and now.