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NTSB Calls For Alcohol Detection In All New Vehicles

Driving under the influence of alcohol remains a leading cause of injury-involved highway crashes.

Overheard: Drivers Will Pay More for Safety Perks

More than 70% of drivers will pay more for cars with top safety features, according to a survey from Rocket Auto.

DENSO Develops Global Safety Package 3

Package combines a millimeter-wave radar sensor and vision sensor for greater vehicle safety.

NHTSA Launches Interactive, Searchable Recall Dashboard

Website makes over 50 years of recall data easily available to the public.

Vehicle Recalls: How Your Business Can Help Save Lives

There are tens of millions of vehicles on the road with open safety recalls.

Texas Bill Eliminating Vehicle Safety Inspections Defeated In Senate

Every year, inspection stations across the state fail vehicles because of bald tires, malfunctioning headlights, brake failure, loose lug nuts and other serious safety concerns.

Texas Anti-Vehicle-Safety Inspection Bills Advance

If enacted, this bill would dismantle Texas’ safety inspection program and institute an “inspection program replacement fee” due at a vehicle’s registration or registration renewal.

Louisiana Bill Targets Vehicle Safety Inspection Program

In place of the inspection, residents would be required to just pay an annual fee to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.

Older Drivers Embrace Active Safety Features But Resist Autonomous Vehicles, According To Munich Re, US Survey

When asked what they believe to be the greatest benefit of active safety features for senior drivers, nearly half (41 percent) of the survey respondents cited improved safety of elderly drivers, maintaining their independence (19 percent) and reducing societal costs from accidents (13 percent).

House Bill Introduced To Improve Vehicle Safety

Bill includes user fees for NHTSA safety initiatives.