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Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Dies In Missouri Senate

Missouri lawmakers ended their session on May 31 without giving final approval to state Rep. J. Eggleston’s House Bill 451.

Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Introduced In Louisiana

ASA asks Louisiana repairers to contact state legislators in opposition to HB 546.

Missouri Anti-Safety Inspection Bill Reintroduced 

The legislation seeks to repeal the state’s vehicle safety inspection program.

ASA Legislative Office: Missouri Anti-Vehicle Safety Inspection Bill Dies As Current Session Closes

If enacted, HB 1444 would have repealed Missouri’s vehicle safety inspection program. The 2018 Missouri legislative session has ended for the year.

New Epicor Integrated Service Estimator ‘Smart Inspection’ Tool Helps Shops Capture, Communicate Vehicle Inspection Results

The optional new tool is available to shops using the Epicor Integrated Service Estimator solution, a web-based service estimating and parts sourcing interface that can be used on its own or in conjunction with many shop management systems.