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Uber and Nuro Announce 10-Year Partnership

Autonomous food deliveries starting in California and Texas.

Toyota and Uber Extend Collaboration To Automated Vehicle Technologies 

Separately, Toyota is investing $500 million in Uber.

NTSB Releases Releases Preliminary Report On Fatal Crash Involving Pedestrian, Uber Test Vehicle

The vehicle was factory-equipped with several advanced driver assistance functions by the original manufacturer Volvo Cars, including a collision avoidance function with automatic emergency braking as well as functions for detecting driver alertness and road sign information. The Volvo functions are disabled only when the test vehicle is operated in computer control mode.

Growth Of Ride-Hailing Services In NYC Fuels Arch Auto Parts’ Business

In the past four years, NYC ride-hail app pickups have grown from zero to 15 million trips per month, according to NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission data.