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Automotive Telematics System Revenues To Reach $6.7B Globally In 2023, IHS Markit Says

According to previous statistics, this number has nearly tripled from 2016. Approximately 70 percent of new light vehicles produced in 2023 will be equipped with some form of OEM telematics systems.

Electric/Plug-Ins Dominate List Of Top 10 Fastest-Selling Cars

iSeeCars, an automotive and data company, completed a study on the fastest-selling used cars, analyzing more than 2.1 million one- to three-year old used cars sold from January through August of 2017.

R&D On Autonomous, Connected And Electrification Technologies Creates Double-Digit Growth Opportunities

Frost & Sullivan’s research, “Global Key Automakers’ Autonomous, Connected and Electrification Strategies, Forecast to 2025,” finds that between 2015 and 2025, 10 key automotive OEMs are expected to spend about $345 billion on autonomous, connected and electrification R&D.

IHS Markit Reports On The Impact Of Hurricane Harvey On The Automotive Industry

As the weather situation has eased, IHS Markit looks at what this natural disaster could mean to the automotive industry.

US Automotive Aftermarket Sees Moderate Mid-Year Sales Growth, Coinciding With The Current Miles Driven Trend

The storyline for the U.S. automotive aftermarket mid-way through last year was that average retail prices were down, yet dollar sales continued to grow, according to the study by The NPD Group. That story has changed in 2017.

US Auto CEOs More Bullish On AI, Emerging Technology Investments Compared To Global Counterparts, Says KPMG Survey

In the KPMG study, 59 percent of the CEOs say their companies intend to invest heavily in AI in the next 12 months, compared to 39 percent of global CEOs.

Premium Increases Become Sticking Point For US Auto Insurance Customers, J.D. Power Finds

The study found that the number of customers receiving an annual rate increase of more than $200 per vehicle has more than doubled during the past four years, and that’s having a profound effect on customer satisfaction.

Guest Commentary: Don’t We All Need A Personal Automotive Assistant?

What will a future conversation with your car sound like? There’s a high chance that it will go beyond just reporting the weather.

US Automotive Aftermarket Industry Swayed By Lower Retail Pricing, Weather Patterns In 2016, Reports NPD Group

Macro trends, including an increase in miles driven and new car sales, lower-priced gasoline and unpredictable weather patterns, impacted the industry’s annual performance.

Carspring Study Reveals Which Car Brands Best Retain Value In The US

The goal of the update is to give the public a view as to how cars lose value in the U.S. versus other countries, as well as comparing how the top-selling 12 brands in the U.S. depreciate in value compared with one another.

KPMG Survey: Auto Execs Say 1 Connected Car Generates 10 Times More Revenue Than A Conventional Vehicle

Auto execs say measuring market share in car units sold is an outdated metric.

Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Market Is Expected To Generate Large Profits By 2024

A study by Persistence Market Research says that a major challenge that could impact the growth of the market is the flexibility of existing technicians to remove or add the remanufactured part and its compatibility with the existing parts.