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Consumers Are Not Ready For Keyless Cars, Finds Strategy Analytics

While keyless technology provides a number of benefits such as consumers having one less item to lose or replace and automakers leveraging the technology for fleet management, it also holds fundamental disadvantages.

Mixed Results Expected For New Vehicle Sales In May, As Prices Rise But Sales Pace Falls

With the extra selling day in 2018, consumers are expected to spend more than $41 billion on new vehicles in May, nearly $2.7 billion more than last year, according to a forecast developed jointly by J.D. Power and LMC Automotive.

Customer Loyalty To Utility Vehicles Reaches Record Levels, IHS Markit Says

According to IHS Markit forecasts, over the next three years, there will be five times as many new utility nameplates introduced to the U.S. market as new sedans.

US And Canada Among Most Skeptical Of Autonomous Vehicles

In the U.S., political divides hint at an impending car-culture war, says market research firm Ipsos.

The Herman Trend Alert: Advancing Technology And The Future Of Work

Not only are these technological advances driving some of the global economy’s fastest-growing industries, but they also will play important roles in the economy and labor market of the future.

Autonomous Trucks And Buses To Reach 188,000 Vehicle Sales Annually By 2022, According To Tractica

The report also says worldwide revenue from sales of autonomous trucks and buses reached $84 million in 2017 and the market will continue to develop at a strong pace over the next few years.

Looking At 2017: Workforce/Workplace Forecast

Each year at about this time, The Herman Group issues its annual forecast. Use this foresight within your organization and in your career to proceed wisely and drive more profit to the bottom line by knowing what is coming.

The Herman Trend Alert: The Customer Experience Revisited

The smartest companies already know and act on the fact that they are in the customer experience business. Equipped with advanced analytics, business leaders now have the insights they need to build loyalty and success.