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Schrader Introduces 2 New OE Replacement Sensors

Sensors released include valves for Chrysler-Jeep applications and for Nissan applications.

Hamaton Launches Tesla BLE TPMS Sensor

The U-Pro Hybrid BLE will come preprogrammed, meaning technicians can install them on the Tesla models without programming.

Alligator’s Sens.It TPMS Covers 2012-’21 Nissan Vans

The new coverage is part of Wegmann’s effort to continuously add value to the Alligator sensors by releasing new vehicle applications for them so that the parts never go obsolete.

Alligator TPMS Now Covers 2017-2021 Ford Super-Duty Trucks

The tire-pressure sensors work with the ABS system to automatically locate and store new sensor IDs, the company said.

Next Gen REDI-Sensor Offers Latest In Multi-Application TPMS

Only four sensor SKUs required to replace over 290 OE sensors.

Alligator’s Sens.It Covers New GM 1/2 Ton, HD Pickup Trucks

New GM truck models now offer a new feature: tire-fill assist.

Alligator Sens.It RS TPMS Now Covers 2020, 2021 Porsche Taycan

Alligator RS universal TPMS sensors now cover the all-new Porsche Taycan electric vehicle.

Alligator TPMS Supports Chevy Volt, Colorado Models

Auto Learn allows the vehicle to automatically locate TPMS sensor locations after a tire rotation has been completed or after installing new sensors.

Alligator Sens.It RS TPMS Now Covers 5th-Gen Toyota Supra

This car is one of a growing number of Toyota vehicles that can auto learn TPMS sensors.

Standard Motor Products Receives NSF Registration For Its TPMS Sensors

NSF TPMS registration provides third-party assurance to consumers, shops and insurance companies that SMP’s aftermarket TPMS sensors meet all applicable federal requirements and will fit and function properly in a manner equivalent to the OE sensor on the vehicle(s) intended for use.