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The Pulse: Average Number of Vehicles Serviced Per Week

For this week’s “The Pulse,” we look at new rolling data from IMR Research that shows the average number of vehicles serviced per week at various repair outlets. The data was compiled from June 2010 to July 2011.

The Pulse: How Technicians Source Fuel Pumps

Jobbers held steady as the leading resource for fuel pumps and auto dealerships continued to make small inroads as a stocking source. Availability of fuel pumps became more important over the past year.

The Pulse: A Side-by-Side Look at Dealer and Independent Shops’ Posted Labor Rates

This week for “The Pulse,” IMR Research Inc. gives us a side-by-side comparison of average posted labor rates at new car dealership service departments and independent repair shops.

The Pulse: How Technicians Source Wheel Bearings

Jobbers maintained their position as the largest source of wheel bearings to professionals in 2010.

The Pulse: Repair Trends by Vehicle Age

The data shows a variety of repair categories — from routine maintenance (items such as oil changes and wiper blades) to steering and suspension and even collision repairs.

The Pulse: How Technicians Source Water Pumps

As is the case with several parts categories, with water pumps shops responding to Counterman magazine’s 2010 Professional Automotive Repair Technician Survey (P.A.R.T.S.) say that brand is very important.

The Pulse: Northcoast Research Miles Driven Index for May

Miles driven trends experience a minor rebound following a soft spring.