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AAA: The Lifesaving Potential of Driving Assistance Tech

AAA forecasts that 37 million crashes could be prevented over the next 30 years with ADAS.

eMobility Success Hinges on Six Essentials

Findings in a recent study from EY and Eurelectric show there are six keys to mainstream EV adoption.

IIHS: Mid-size SUV Rear Passenger Protection Inadequate

Of 13 mid-size SUVs tested, only four earned good ratings for rear passenger protection, according to IIHS.

J.D. Power Study: EV Market Growth Fuels Owner Satisfaction

Overall satisfaction with the BEV purchase experience is shifting to more traditional factors, like quality and styling.

Customer Satisfaction With Cars Is Up, But Tariff Threats Cloud The Horizon, ACSI Report Shows

The top nameplates have shuffled, as Volvo ties Lexus for best luxury automaker while Subaru takes over the lead in the mass market.

Consumers Are Not Ready For Keyless Cars, Finds Strategy Analytics

While keyless technology provides a number of benefits such as consumers having one less item to lose or replace and automakers leveraging the technology for fleet management, it also holds fundamental disadvantages.

New Survey From Hum By Verizon Suggests 41 Percent Of Drivers Struggle To Stay Focused During The Summer More Than Any Other Time Of Year

According to the survey, 80 percent of respondents think drivers are more likely to speed during the summer than any other season.

Global Automotive Supplier Revenue Opportunities May Exceed $700B Over Next Decade

While $150 billion to $200 billion of traditional automotive supplier revenues are at risk over the next decade, more than $700 billion of opportunities exist for value chain players to capture, according to Deloitte’s study.

The Herman Trend Alert: Foresight Pays

You would think that being prepared would be an obvious advantage, but it is only recently that companies have begun to realize the true value of being prepared for the future.

2018 Women’s Choice Award For Best Cars & Trucks Announced At The LA Auto Show

According to a national study conducted by the WCA, value, safety and reliability, in that order, are the top three considerations ranked highest among women when purchasing a car.

New Technology Opens Up $1.5B Market For Aftermarket Industry

A SEMA-commissioned study conducted by Ducker Worldwide and the Center for Automotive Research will be outlined at a press conference on Wednesday, Nov. 1 during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The study evaluated advanced vehicle technology opportunities.

Guest Commentary: When Will You Be Ready To Get In A Driverless Car?

In this commentary from Intel Corp., Jack Weast, a senior principal engineer and the chief systems architect for Intel’s Autonomous Driving Group, discusses the difference between the theory and practice of autonomous vehicle technology.