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Survey: 70% of Drivers Uncomfortable with Self-Driving Cars

In the survey, 90% of respondents strongly believed autonomous cars should always have a human backup driver.

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Veoneer Products Enable Level 3 Hands-Off Self-Driving Tech

Veoneer’s stereo camera is being used on the Mercedes-Benz S-class, equipped to offer level 3 hands-off self-driving tech.

Cruise, GM, Microsoft To Commercialize Self-Driving Cars

Microsoft joins GM, Honda and institutional investors in a combined new equity investment of more than $2 billion in Cruise.

Poll: Americans Divided On Self-Driving Cars

The results showed that 57% of respondents familiar with the vehicles would be willing to ride in them and 51% consider them safer than people-driven vehicles.

FCA US And Aurora Partner To Develop And Deploy Self-Driving Commercial Vehicles

This new partnership will allow for a variety of customized solutions for commercial vehicle customers at a time when changing lifestyles and online shopping patterns are creating logistical opportunities, according to the two companies.

Waymo To Build Autonomous Cars In Michigan

According to media reports, the plan could bring as many as 400 jobs to the region, with 100 positions to start.

Self-Driving Cars Experience Attacks In Arizona

Recently, a self-driving van operated by Waymo, the driverless-car company spun out of Google, was attacked in October when an assailant slashed one of the vehicle’s tires as it was idling at an intersection.

California Highway Patrol Maneuvers To Stop Speeding Tesla With Sleeping Driver

According to reports, officers realized that the Tesla must be on autopilot and, to stop the vehicle, one patrol car tailed the Tesla while the other moved in front of the car, gradually making it slow to a stop.

GM And Cruise Automation Advance Efforts To Commercialize Self-Driving Cars

GM President Dan Ammann has joined Cruise as CEO; Kyle Vogt has been named president and chief technology officer.

Bioinspired Camera Could Help Self-Driving Cars See Better

New camera mimics mantis shrimp vision to significantly improve dynamic range and add polarization information.

Boston Test Of Self-Driving Cars Reveals 5 Key Lessons For Cities Worldwide

Boston’s multiphase testing program began in January with Cambridge-based AV software maker NuTonomy conducting trials of autonomous cars on public roads within Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park in the Seaport District. The Boston Consulting Group recently released a report assessing the results.

House Approves Proposal On Self-Driving Vehicles

Automakers will be required to submit safety assessment reports to U.S. regulators but will not require pre-market approval of advanced technologies, according to the Reuters report.