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AMT Opens of State-of-the-Art Facility

The new facility is designed to empower collaboration for the company’s industrial automation and robotic solutions.

Robotics In Reman

Dorman Products sees quality control and cycle time dramatically improved with a custom-designed automation system.

CapStone Holdings Invests $10M In Perrone Robotics

Perrone Robotics will utilize a portion of the investment to establish an advanced autonomous vehicle testing facility.

DENSO Robots Featured At New Cranbrook Institute Of Science Exhibit

Robot Revolution, opening Nov. 19, gives DENSO opportunity to showcase robotics innovations, inspire youth and highlight how the company has helped advance manufacturing over last half century.

The Herman Trend Alert: Robotics – The AI Future Is Now

By 2020, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to produce revenue of $258 billion USD; by 2025, that figure will be a trillion dollars. And not long after, robotics and AI will become the largest global industry.

DENSO Shows Commitment To STEM Education As Lead Sponsor Of The 20th Robofest World Championship

The global mobility supplier supports event to engage and excite the automotive workforce of tomorrow about future careers in technology and engineering.

Bosch Survey: Germans See No Reason To Fear Robot Coworkers 

Bosch presents the results of the survey on the eve of an AI conference, also announcing an award for young researchers.

Greenville Technical College And KUKA USA Form Strategic Partnership To Improve Robotics Training In The Southeast

Unique training will be available for students and businesses to learn how to use industrial robots.

Autonomous Vehicles Among The Influences Changing The Robotics Market 

According to a new report from Tractica, non-industrial robots represented 70 percent of the $39.3 billion robotics market globally in 2017, growing from a 64 percent share in 2016.

The Herman Trend Alert: Using Robots To Pick And Pack

Using what it describes as “advanced robotics and AI,” an Israeli-based startup employs robots to power customized warehouses or micro-fulfillment centers. These facilities must be small enough to be placed in urban areas, rather than miles away on the outskirts of town.

Toyota Research Institute Renews Support Of Open Source Robotics Foundation

“Our support of the open source research community has been a huge asset in our robotics work as well as our automated vehicle development,” said James Kuffner, chief technology officer at TRI.

Minimizer Donates Use Of 3-D Printer To Student Robotics Team

“The parts manufactured on Minimizer’s 3D printer are always the envy of judges and other teams,” said BP robotics coach Sarah Oelkers.