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Study: EVs Vs Gas Cars Traveling Iconic US Road Trips

For every 100 miles driven along these popular routes, an EV owner will save $11 but will add 25 minutes, on average.

eBay Motors’ Road Trip Celebrates America’s Car Culture

The “Parts of America” tour will take eBay Motors to 12 automotive enthusiast events across the country. 80% of Labor Day Travelers Opt to Drive 

Americans opt to drive this year due to frequent air travel disruptions and lower gas prices.

Winter Travelers’ Holiday Road Trips on the Rise

Twenty percent of winter travelers canceled their flight to drive instead, according to a survey.

Mobil 1: The ‘Official Motor Oil Of Road Trips’

Now through Sept. 30 drivers can enter to win the Ultimate Road Trip.

Welcome Back To Road Trip Season

In a recent poll, Hertz found that more than 80% of people surveyed say they plan to take a road trip this summer.

Overheard: Long Distance Road Trips Increase YoY

In the first two weeks of August this year, Americans recorded nearly 12 million long-distance road trips per day.