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SEMA Applauds Restoration Efforts at Bonneville Salt Flats

The racing community has been working to repair the Salduro Loop dike.

Kansas Passes SEMA-Supported Car Restoration Legislation

Kansas law H.B. 2594 will exempt certain modifications on antique vehicles from VIN offense seizures and dispositions.

Shelby And Classic Recreations Introduce Shelby Garage

Shelby Garage is a one-stop shop for service, repair and modification of late-model American muscle cars and trucks.

EATON Detroit Spring: Restoring A WWI Tank – Without A Blueprint

This was no ordinary rebuild. Gen. Patton’s tank (yes, that Gen. Patton) — a WWI-era M1917 — stands more than 7 feet tall and is 16 feet long. It’s equipped with a machine gun and keeps a crew of two soldiers. A rebuild had never been attempted.

Insights From The NPD Group: Vintage Car Restoration And Classic Cars Are Making A Comeback

Amid today’s frenzied, tech-driven America, The NPD Group has observed demand for products that bring consumers back to simpler times. In the automotive industry, this has played out in DIY restoration of older car models.

Barrett-Jackson, Prestone Team Up For ‘Project Prestone’ Restoration Build

The project car, a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Aero Coupe, has a restoration plan to see the completed vehicle auctioned at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale Auction in January 2018.