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Auto Care, Industry Groups Ask CT to Protect the Aftermarket

The new section of a Connecticut law could impose potentially anti-competitive requirements on repair facilities.

RepairPal Reaches 3K Certified Repair Locations

To fuel its growth, RepairPal also added considerable talent to its leadership team, the company says.

DRIVE April 2020 Shop Spotlight: R&L SERVICE CENTER

R & L Service Center in Silver City, New Mexico, has been a beacon of light to this small town for more than 58 years.

Repair Shop Websites Releases Auto Repair Shop Marketing Trends Survey Data

The company recently reached out to auto repair shop owners from across the United States this past spring to survey them on their marketing investments, and their happiness with those investments.

IMR Releases Insight On How Repair Shops Are Investing

More than 88 percent of repair shops are currently making investments to be more competitive.

IMR Insight: Threats To The General Repair Shop Business

The cost of tools and equipment required to service late-model vehicles and advanced technology on newer vehicles nearly tied for the highest threats to general repair shops overall.

Mighty Introduces The M-Pak Lube System

The purpose of the Mighty M-Pak Lube System is to help all types of automotive service centers more effectively manage the significant proliferation of motor oil viscosity grades and other lubricants being specified by vehicle manufacturers to meet the 2025 CAFE standard.