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Publisher’s Perspective: Why Doesn’t Anyone Recognize Us?

Have you ever had a conversation with a business associate or a friend and noticed that even though they’re listening, their eyes look like they’re staring right through you? It’s almost like you’re not even there (or they’re not even there).

Publisher’s Perspective: We Need You!

I recently purchased something online and received a survey afterward asking, “How was our customer service?” I chuckled – there was no customer service! I interacted with a computer and waited for the mail to come. Service includes people. You are the providers of this service in our industry. 

Publisher’s Perspective: Here We Go Again

I frequently hear that electric and hybrid technologies are going to put an end to the reciprocating engine. When I am faced with someone spewing this rhetoric, my eyes tend to glaze over and my mind races on how to respond.

Publisher’s Perspective: Extended OE Warranty An Attack On The Aftermarket?

Recently, General Motors announced it will be offering an extension on the bumper-to-bumper warranty that comes with new GM vehicles. This will, of course, include Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac models. On the surface, it just looks like for a fee, new-vehicle purchasers can buy increased time and miles on their bumper-to-bumper, new-car warranty. I, on the other hand, see it as a potential negative for the aftermarket.

Publisher’s Perspective: Did You See This Headline?

“I think there’s a much deeper economic reason that tariffs are a bad idea,” writes AMN Publisher Scott Shriber. “Arguing that the prices of these parts will rise due to the tariffs – and thus postpone or even cancel consumers’ repair plans – is an immediate concern, and one that Washington should consider carefully. But it’s not the whole story.”

Publisher’s Perspective: Online Sales Of Aftermarket Parts – Be Careful How You Interpret Things

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the sale of most parts today requires knowledge of the operation and application of the parts.

Publisher’s Perspective: ‘Does Not Bother Me None’ – Until It Affects Me, That Is!

Now is the time for us in the automotive aftermarket to speak up about data. The industry had to fight for more than a decade to get ‘Right to Repair’ passed. Now is the time to start this battle before existing practices become accepted as business as usual.

Publisher’s Perspective: These Are Exciting Times

Business is about change by its very nature. Some new ideas work and survive and some don’t. Our job is to look for these opportunities to grow and change.

Publisher’s Perspective: It’s A Whole New Year, But The Elephant Is Still There!

We need to tout this industry for its virtues instead of harping on its challenges. If we don’t want to do it, why would others?