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PDM Automotive Technology Puts ACES and PIES on ‘Steroids’

Co-Founder & CEO Johannes Crepon discusses how PDM Automotive fosters connections and streamlines information flow across the automotive aftermarket.

Driving Digital Transformation in the Aftermarket

Digitization and increasing automation, especially in content management, redefine how we meet market demands, remain competitive, and deliver great customer experiences. While the industry gradually embraces digitalization, automotive aftermarket companies can uniquely position themselves as leaders. This article explores the challenges, trends, and untapped opportunities of digital transformation in the aftermarket.  The challenges and opportunities

JEGS Adopts PDM Automotive to Improve Customer Experience

PDM will support JEGS’ focus on streamlining operations and creating a more integrated, seamless customer experience. 

PDM Automotive Continues To Grow Despite COVID-19 Impact

Eric Lough, pictured, is PDM’s new VP of product. Tayler Edwards is the new data and customer support manager.