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Chemours Inaugurates New Opteon Refrigerants Facility Near Corpus Christi, Texas

Chemours says this is now the world’s largest HFO-1234yf production facility and triples the company’s capacity of Opteon YF.

Chemours Receives ACC Sustainability Leadership Award For Developing Opteon Refrigerants

Chemours developed Opteon to help its customers meet increasing market demands for high-performance, more environmentally sustainable refrigerants and blends, fueled by increasingly stringent global-warming regulations around the world, as well as changing consumer preferences.

Chemours Triples Capacity Of Opteon YF With Startup Of New U.S. Production Facility

This facility will enable Chemours to triple the global capacity of its hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) 1234yf-based products to meet increasing market demands for more environmentally sustainable refrigerants and blends.

Opteon YF (R-1234yf) 12-Oz Service Cans Launched In US Market

It is estimated that vehicles using YF will ramp-up to more than 50 million on the road globally by the end of 2017 and more than 80 million by 2018.

Chemours Breaks Ground On New U.S. Production Facility For Opteon Refrigerants

The new facility will triple the company’s capacity for its low global warming potential, HFO-1234yf-based refrigerant products.