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NTSB: NHTSA Data on ADAS Systems Should be Standardized

The NTSB has long called for better and more retrievable data in investigating crashes involving vehicles with ADAS and ADS.

NTSB Chair Calls For New Approach To Highway Safety

Board Chair Jennifer L. Homendy is calling for a fundamental change in the nation’s approach to highway safety in the face of increasing crash and fatality numbers.

NTSB Announces Leadership Changes

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chairman Robert Sumwalt announced Thursday key leadership changes at the agency, including the selection of Sharon Bryson as managing director.

NTSB Releases Releases Preliminary Report On Fatal Crash Involving Pedestrian, Uber Test Vehicle

The vehicle was factory-equipped with several advanced driver assistance functions by the original manufacturer Volvo Cars, including a collision avoidance function with automatic emergency braking as well as functions for detecting driver alertness and road sign information. The Volvo functions are disabled only when the test vehicle is operated in computer control mode.

Robert Sumwalt III Sworn In As 14th National Transportation Safety Board Chairman

Sumwalt has been serving as the agency’s acting chairman since March 31, and has been a NTSB member since August 2006.