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Pirelli Acquires Hevea-Tec Natural Rubber Processing Company

The acquisition allows Pirelli to increase its supply of natural rubber and launch sustainability projects.

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SMX, Continental Release Second Natural Rubber Application

Automotive companies can identify and verify ethical sourcing of natural rubber and certify premium natural rubber products.

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Bridgestone Awarded DOE Grant to Advance Guayule Research

Guayule is a drought resistant, desert shrub that shows promise as a domestic source of natural rubber for tires.

BMZ, Continental Create Digital Traceable Rubber Supply Chain

Partnership for a pilot project in West Kalimantan in Borneo, Indonesia, has been in existence since 2018.

GRI Unveils Rubber Collection Centre And GREENX Circle

GRI officially opened a new natural rubber collection center on June 25 in the Monaragala District of Sri Lanka.