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AutoPartSource/Momentum USA Wins O’Reilly Award

O’Reilly’s “Sales and Service” Award acknowledges dedication to excellence and unparalleled service in the automotive aftermarket.

AutoPartSource/Momentum USA Wins O’Reilly ‘Sales & Service’ Award
Momentum USA Introduces New Max Duty Brake Pad

Momentum USA, Inc. is introducing a new brake pad offering as an extension of its AmeriPlatinum Max Duty brake pad line.

AmeriPlatinum Plus Max Duty
Momentum USA Releases 70 Part Numbers in 2023

Most of the new releases are part of the company’s AmeriBRAKE disc pad line.

AutoPartSource Wins O’Reilly 2022 Sales and Service Award

AutoPartSource is an aftermarket manufacturer/distributor headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

Momentum USA Releases New AmeriBRAKES Part Numbers

They are designed using 100% copper-free formulations that meet and exceed 2025 regulations.

Momentum Releases New AmeriPRO Brake Pad Part Numbers

The pads include the necessary abutment hardware and apply to popular and late models.

Momentum USA Releases New Part Numbers

Five new part numbers for the AmeriBRAKES Severe Duty brake pad line have been added.

Momentum USA Releases New AmeriPLATINUM Premium Rotors

The rotors cover a wide range of bus, fleet and medium-duty truck applications.

Momentum USA Adds 93 SKUs To AmeriBRAKES Line

AmeriBRAKES by Momentum USA Inc. is a full line of brakes with brake pads 100% manufactured in North America.

The Amalfe Doctrine

At Momentum USA, the principles of its family founders have been a driving force for 75 years.

AMN Executive Interview With John Amalfe Of Momentum USA

John Amalfe is the CEO of Momentum USA Inc., a privately held manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing company headquartered in New Jersey. Momentum’s core products are brakes, cabin air filters and exhaust. John is the third generation Amalfe now running this multi-national company that was started in 1945 by his grandfather, uncles and his father in a one-bay garage in Elizabeth, New Jersey.