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TotalEnergies Marketing, The Group Announce Partnership

TotalEnergies Marketing USA will provide The Group’s customers with a range of lubricants and technical support.

TotalEnergies Marketing The Group partnership
API Tech Report Defines Product Sustainability Claims

The report identifies industry-specific practices for life cycle assessment of lubricants and specialty products.

API Report on Lubricant Sustainability
Gaubert Oil Launches New Website

The new site features updated content and navigation along with important info for Gaubert Oil customers and partners.

Chevron Introduces ‘Keep Clean Preferred’ Vendor Program

Keep Clean vendors enable a holistic approach to operations looking to maximize ROI in lubricant programs.

Total Specialties USA, Mighty Distributing To Partner

The TotalEnergies range of lubricants will be available in the Mighty network, initially with the Quartz Ineo and Quartz 9000 sub-ranges.

Rislone Hy-per Lube Zinc ZDDP Protects Old And New Cars

Product combines best of Rislone and Hy-per Lube ZDDP supplements in easy-to-use package.

New Look For Rislone Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement

Rislone Hy-per Lube Oil Supplement is an easy-to-use engine additive that’s formulated to restore horsepower and torque.

Champion Offers Power-Shield Assembly Lube & Oil Booster

The product is field-tested by engine builders and suitable for use in all high performance and racing engines.

Limited Edition Shelby F-250 Uses Champion Blue Flame

Production will be limited to only 250 vehicles.

Phillips 66 Lubricants Launches e-Shield Line For EVs

The e-Shield line provides optimal performance plus excellent thermal and conductive properties enabling longer driving range for electric vehicles.

Champion Modern Muscle 0W-40 Is Purpose-Built For 3rd-Gen HEMI

This full synthetic formula provides lower coefficient of friction than conventional or synthetic blends, says Champion.

Champion Oil Unveils Professional-Grade Penetrant

The new penetrant was designed to assist engine builders with rusted and difficult mechanical parts such as nuts and bolts.