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SEMA Sponsors ZEV Conversion Rebate Bill in California

The bill will offer eligible Californians a rebate of up to $2,000 to convert their gas-powered vehicle into a ZEV.

Study: National EV Adoption will be Gradual

The Energy Innovation study modeled the effect of tax credits based on a low, moderate and high scenario.

MEMA Issues Alert on Competitiveness Legislation

According to the MEMA Alert, these two bills include several competitiveness provisions to mitigate the supply chain crises that are impacting motor vehicle parts manufacturers.

Sen. Ted Cruz Joins Auto Care Roundtable Discussion

Sen. Cruz is part of the Senate Commerce Committee, which controls the fate of Right to Repair in the U.S. Senate. 

Kansas Passes SEMA-Supported Car Restoration Legislation

Kansas law H.B. 2594 will exempt certain modifications on antique vehicles from VIN offense seizures and dispositions.

Energy & Commerce Subcommittee Holds Hearing on EV Mfg.

Topics discussed included implementation of the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act as it pertains to EVs.

US Automakers Applaud Semiconductor Production Efforts

The America COMPETES Act includes $52 billion to dramatically increase semiconductor production in the United States.

Pennsylvania Emissions Bill Passes State Senate

The legislation is now being considered by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Transportation Committee.

Senators Burr And Tester Introduce RPM Act In US Senate

Americans send more than 1.5 million letters urging Congress to sign the RPM Act into law.

RPM Act Advocacy Continues

As of early August, 96 members of the House have supported the bill designed to protect racers’ right to convert street vehicles into dedicated race cars.

MEMA And AASA Reinforce Support To FTC

MEMA’s Catherine Boland commented during FTC’s open meeting in support of the automotive aftermarket’s fight for appropriate access to vehicle data.

Massachusetts Vehicle Data Access Lawsuit Goes to Trial

Automakers have filed suit to overturn the new law would require manufacturers to provide vehicle owners both access and control of the diagnostic and repair data generated by their vehicles.