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King & AMS Join Forces To Create Ultimate Race Bearings

The Alpha line is a polymer coated series of engine bearings for high-end performance applications.

Justin Ashley Named NHRA 2020 Rookie Of The Year

Ashley is one of the first to run King Engine Bearings’ new Top Fuel bearings in his 10,000+ horsepower engine.

New Racing Website For King Engine Bearings

The new site contains technical info, articles, special geometric features and more.

King Engine Bearings Headed To Autosport UK 2020

King will display three new polymer-coated materials for popular race applications, and its range for motorcycle bearings.

King Debuts New Coatings At SEMA

King Engine Bearings will introduce two new polymer-coated bearing series for extreme load racing applications, and a special polymer-coated series for start/stop engines.

Dan Qualls Rejoins King Engine Bearings As National Sales Manager

In his role with King, Qualls will provide full sales management of King’s aftermarket and racing products for the U.S. and Canadian markets.