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Total US Aftermarket Sales Forecasted to Increase 8.5% in 2022

The Joint Channel Forecast Model is presented by the Auto Care Association and AASA.

Overheard: Repair Orders and Parts Sales In 2020

One went up and one went down slightly in 2020. Do you know which?

Forecast: Total US Aftermarket Sales To Increase 11.2%

AASA/Auto Care’s Joint Channel Forecast Model details a strong aftermarket recovery and indicators for continued growth.

Overheard: DIY Or DIFM?

What’s the split between DIY and DIFM today?

US Aftermarket Sales Reach $297B In 2018, Exceeding Forecasted Growth By Nearly $1B

The Joint Channel Forecast Model produced by AASA and the Auto Care Association predicts sales will total $338 Billion through 2022.