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Guest Commentary: Time To Catch The Spirit

“The human spirit is something we all share; you cannot see human spirit on your organizational chart, but it’s there! Let us remind ourselves that the future is in the hands of our employees,” writes Dr. Passante in this week’s guest commentary.

Guest Commentary: Has Loyalty In Business Left The Building?

Loyalty is a value-add – to both customers and employees – and should be ingrained in the company’s value proposition and mission statement. Loyalty is a competitive advantage.

Guest Commentary: Courage To Collaborate

Winning for oneself can have a downside and cloud our judgment. Courage in leadership starts with taking a selfless approach.

Guest Commentary: A Living, Breathing Brand Strategy

A company’s brand is certainly a significant part of its fiber and personality. It is part of the glue that holds together the mortar (reputation) and brick (culture) that powers the organization. The brand helps to drive greatness.

Guest Commentary: The Power Of Kindness

Clearly measuring the performance of the leader is understood and paramount to the long-term value of the organization. That said, I submit there is another dimension to leadership that needs to be considered – relationships.

Guest Commentary: Selling Is Believing

In the automotive aftermarket, relationships are built in the trenches. That is where the action is. Powerful belief in yourself and your company is the heart of selling.

Guest Commentary: Give Me A Chance (And I May Surprise You)

“A second chance is a sign of mercy and an investment in the employee. Both business and interpersonal relationships fail when people behave in ways that are not resonant with what they want,” writes Dr. John Passante.

Guest Commentary: Does Anyone Remember The Art Of Conversation?

“It appears that we are expecting more from technology and less from each other, which should concern all of us,” writes Dr. John Passante in his latest guest commentary.