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RIP Alfa Romeo: Charting out the Future of ICE Powertrains

Alfa Romeo recently announced that its 2023 Tonale plug-in hybrid crossover will be the last to have a gasoline engine.

MAHLE CEO: Thermal Management to Be Big Aftermarket Business

CEO Arnd Franz shares how thermal management will be a boon for the aftermarket.

Arnd Franz MAHLE CEO
Tenneco Adds H2 to Alt. Fuels Engine-Testing Capabilities

Extensive testing capabilities established in Germany and Michigan for internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen.

The Inconvenient Truth about Electric Vehicles

The impact of BEVs will be felt slowly over a long time, but the time to prepare is now, says contributor Scott Luckett.

Weichai Group Makes History With New Engine Launch

The Chinese company releases world’s first commercialized diesel engine with a brake thermal efficiency above 50 percent.

Lang Research: 36M More ICE Cars To Hit U.S. Roads By 2030

“Cancel the obituary of the Internal Combustion Vehicle,” said Jim Lang, president and lead author of the report.

WATCH: The Internal Combustion Engine Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Kicking off the new AMN video series, titled “The Rules of (Aftermarket) Engagement,” Babcox Media Group Publisher of Content Scott Shriber tackles a touchy subject in the aftermarket today: the internal combustion engine. Is this the end of the line for ICE, or is the aftermarket suffering from a bit of chicken little syndrome? Watch the video, then give us your take on the issue.

Publisher’s Perspective: Don’t Believe The Hype

The demise of the internal combustion engine has been greatly exaggerated.