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Protecting Your Intellectual Property Internationally

Fred Rocafort is dedicated to helping businesses from around the world and across industries protect their brands.

IP and Trademark Protection in the Global Marketplace

Fred Rocafort, attorney with Harris Bricken, talks strategies for prioritizing IP and trademark protection globally.

New Mobility Technologies And Intellectual Property

Cross-border battles will likely impact the automotive supply base.

OEMs & Suppliers: How Safe Is Your IP In South East Asia?

This audio interview features Geetha Kandiah, director – KASS International, one of the leading IP Firms in ASEAN.

Toyo Tires Wins $16.7M In Tire Infringement Case

“Intellectual property rights protect Toyo’s substantial investments in the research and development of our tires,” said Iori Suzuki, chairman, president and CEO of Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. “As we have said before, Toyo will continue to relentlessly and unwaveringly pursue those who violate our rights.”

Aftermarket IP Forum Highlights IPR Solutions

The event emphasized resources and solutions that automotive aftermarket brand owners can utilize to protect intellectual property, work with major online marketplaces and address intellectual property rights (IPR) violators.

AASA Gathers Industry Organizations For Aftermarket Intellectual Property Forum

“Intellectual property protection in the automotive aftermarket has never been more important, yet we have never organized a cross-industry effort to combat the myriad issues surrounding IP,” said Chris Gardner, AASA senior vice president.

AASA Intellectual Property Council Addresses IP Violations And Protecting Suppliers’ Brands And Reputations

The council is expanding its initiatives to aid its supplier members in protecting IP and market competitiveness.