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e-Commerce Parts Purchasing At Independent Repair Shops

More than 90% of parts purchased by shops are through an integrated/captive B2B application, IMR’s research shows.

Get Ready – Latest Insight on Delayed Maintenance

IMR releases data showing some positive indicators when it comes to vehicle owners making repairs.

IMR Releases Insight On How Repair Shops Are Investing

More than 88 percent of repair shops are currently making investments to be more competitive.

Car Care Council Shares The Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

Changing the oil and oil filter, replacing wiper blades and air filters and scheduled maintenance top the list of the 10 most common vehicle repairs of 2017, according to IMR research.

IMR Insight: Threats To The General Repair Shop Business

The cost of tools and equipment required to service late-model vehicles and advanced technology on newer vehicles nearly tied for the highest threats to general repair shops overall.