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IMR Insight Now Available: Insights Into The Hispanic DIY Auto Maintenance & Repair Consumer

Hispanic DIY consumers are more likely to be first-time purchasers (44.8%), purchase parts online (37.4%), and conduct research prior to purchasing a part (86.5%). Hispanic DIY consumers are more likely to say brand is important (50.6%) than non-Hispanic DIY customers (43.2%), according to IMR.

IMR Insight Now Available: Independent Auto Repair Shops’ Biggest Competitors

IMR asked independent automotive repair shops who they perceive to be their biggest competitors. Their views of their top competitors are very consistent with channel share metrics tracked by IMR.

IMR Insight Now Available: Understanding Millennial DIYers

This latest IMR Insight focuses on what influences millennials’ purchasing decisions, as well as their opinions and attitudes about media, brands and shopping.

Latest IMR Insight Looks At Satisfaction With First-Call Suppliers

Looking at how satisfied shops are with their first-call suppliers and the reasons why they would consider switching, this IMR Insight can be accessed by visiting the IMR website.

IMR Insight Report Shows Consumers Are Delaying Vehicle Routine Maintenance

Consumers who own used vehicles, vehicles eight years or older and millennials are significantly more likely than their counterparts to delay routine maintenance.