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Marelli Launches Fuel System for Hydrogen Propulsion Systems

Marelli will present a variety of new technology at the CTI Symposium in Germany, Dec. 5-6.

Ballard Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engines to Power Buses in Europe

Ballard has orders for over 170 hydrogen fuel cell engines to power Solaris buses in Europe.

Ballard Announces Partnership with Ford Trucks

Ballard will supply a fuel cell system to Ford as part of the development of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle prototype.

Bosch Starts Volume Production of Fuel-Cell Power Module

By 2030, Bosch plans to generate sales of roughly 5 billion euros ($5.6 billion) with hydrogen technology.

Bosch hydrogen fuel cell production
Beijing Named Demonstration City For Hydrogen FCVs

The city plans to provide financial support and more preferential policies for FCV purchases.

Cummins Granted 2 Dept. Of Energy Awards

The awards are for Cummins’ continued work on enhancing economic viability of fuel cell powertrain solutions for heavy-duty applications including on-highway tractor-trailers and buses.

Hyundai Expands Government Hydrogen Fuel Cell Partnership

The U.S. Department of Energy will receive five additional NEXO vehicles to support its research of hydrogen technology.