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Huron Capital Acquires Rago Fabrication

The off-road and overlanding accessories company enhances Horsepower’s offerings for trail-ready Toyota and Lexus vehicle platforms.

Huron Capital’s Drake Automotive Platform Completes Sixth Add-On Acquisition

Addictive Desert Designs was founded by Jared Hare in 2007 with the desire to push the limits of design, a passion for customizing vehicles and a love for the desert.

Huron Capital’s Drake Automotive Platform Completes 5th Add-On

The acquisition of DV8 is aligned with Drake’s growth strategy aimed at expanding its offerings to off-road and truck enthusiasts.

Huron Capital’s Drake Automotive Platform Completes 4th Add-On Acquisition

Since 2016, Drake also has acquired Fender Gripper, Carroll Shelby Wheel Company and OG Innovations.

Huron Capital Partners With Industry Executive To Build Adhesives And Sealants Platform Company

Huron Capital has co-founded Brudner Polymer Corp. with David Brunori. Through Brudner, Huron Capital plans to invest in technologically advanced adhesive and sealant companies serving a variety of geographies and end-markets.