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Hamaton Releases Feature-Rich TPMS Programming App

Designed to program the U-Pro Hybrid NFC in one tap, the app has undergone a makeover to modernize the interface.

Hamaton Launches Tesla BLE TPMS Sensor

The U-Pro Hybrid BLE will come preprogrammed, meaning technicians can install them on the Tesla models without programming.

Hamaton Announces Vice President of North American Subsidiary

Enri Osmani previously held the role of general manager of Hamaton.

Hamaton To Launch TPMS Sensor Users Can Program To Phones

The app provides not one but two ways to configure and program U-Pro Hybrid NFC sensors.

Hamaton Appoints Technical Support Specialist In North America

Nick Wheeker is joining the Hamaton team to provide extra customer support following a year of growth.

Hamaton Inc. Appoints New Western Regional Sales Manager

Hamaton Inc. has appointed Josh Lopez as the new western regional sales manager as part of its expansion plan.

Continental Enforces REDI-Sensor TPMS Patents

Hamaton and JohnDow will discontinue the manufacture and sale of their current multi-application TPMS sensors by March 30, and will pay Continental an undisclosed sum of money.