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Who Are You Bringing to Work?

Dr. John Passante asks: Are your employees able to bring their “whole self” to work?

Future Proofing Your Business as Vehicle Technology Changes

The electrification of vehicles is set to change the aftermarket irreversibly, says Delphi’s Neil Fryer.

Loyalty and Leadership

There is no such thing as overvaluing loyalty.

Is Anger Why We’re ‘Covid Driving?’

If we all don’t slow down, we’re all going to get somewhere fast all right — a grave.

The Influence of the Role Model Leader

Valuing employees is not just the right way to lead, it is the very soul of the organization.

DIYers And The Covid Stimulus

Just about every DIYer who calls me would be better off going to a shop instead of doing it on their own.

The Word Of The Day Is … Words

I suspect that often we all take our words for granted until our words cause a problem.

Commentary: Are You An Adapter?

Adapting requires that we focus on our values and not our fears, bring with us the best of the past and build the future.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Lead Through COVID-19

Lubrication Specialties Inc. Founder & CEO Chris Gabrelcik shares the strategy that grew his company during a pandemic.

Commentary – 2021: A Year to Build

GRI Managing Director Prabhash Subasinghe reflects on 2020 and shares his thoughts and focus in 2021.

Automotive Technician Vs. Mechanic: What’s The Difference?

It’s finally time to drop the confusion and call auto pros by a term that is accurate and relevant in today’s world.

Are You A Leader If No One Follows You?

Leadership is too often about coercing, even manipulating people into doing things to fulfill a particular agenda.