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The Mexico Truck & Bus Aftermarket 2023 Study Recap

Interviewee John Blodgett is vice president, sales and marketing with MacKay & Co.

NOES Metals and the Global EV Industry’s Urgency

Lisa Reisman, CEO of MetalMiner, discusses which metals are potentially “at risk,” based on the growth of electrification.

Considerations When Moving Manufacturing Out of China

Dan Harris discusses key concerns for businesses that pull the plug on manufacturing in China.

Success with International Logistics, Industry Trade Shows

Jacqueline Russo is principal of Global Expositions, Inc. and consultant with Baker Logistics Consulting, Inc.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Internationally

Fred Rocafort is dedicated to helping businesses from around the world and across industries protect their brands.

Insights from the Global Value Chain Barometer

Mirko Woitzik of Everstream Analytics shares his insights on the global automotive supply chain. Top Global Trends in 2023 and Beyond

In the audio interview, Matthias Riemer discusses how industry trends can translate into global growth opportunities. 5-Step Global Benefits Strategy

The interview features Allen Koski, co-founder and chief innovation officer of Insured Nomads. Selling to China

The interview features Bill Russo, Shanghai-based founder and CEO of Automobility Limited. Carbon Credits in the Auto Industry

Beau Parmenter discusses the difference between good and bad carbon credits and more. Update on Mexico’s Auto Parts Mfg

Armando Cortés Galicia discusses Mexico’s auto parts manufacturing industry.

GlobalAutoIndustry: Worldwide EV Battery Recycling Challenges

Frederic John, co-founder and COO of D-Carbonize, discusses the main challenges for the EV battery recycling industry.